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Fall Guys: Tips & Tricks to Win Shows

fall guys tips, tricks

Fall Guys: Tips & Tricks to Win Shows

Fall Guys, the mini-game based multiplayer game, is finally out now and is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Over the course of five rounds, you battle it out to be the winner from 60 players. If you’re struggling to win a show, here are our Fall Guys tips and tricks.

While there are some generic tips for Fall Guys, most of them will be specific to certain game types, so keep them in mind when you see the level pop up before it begins.

Fall Guys Tips & Tricks

  • Be sure to dive over gaps by pressing Square/Shift while in the air because it gives you more distance, making sure you’re jumping safely over gaps. Also, you can use it when avoiding moving blocks as it’s a good way to quickly evade danger.
  • Be sure to stay away from groups if you can as they can bash you around to the point you lose control of your character and maybe fall off platforms.
  • In The Whirlygig game, don’t go up the central ramp in the second half where the spinning obstacle is really fast. It’s much safer to go around and jump, rather than risk being thrown off the level completely.
  • In the tail catching level, hide in corners if you have a tail, with your back facing the wall so you’re not easily spotted.
  • On the final stage, where you need to grab the crown, stay far left or far right as it is much safer and easier to avoid incoming obstacles.
  • In any game that has walls that retract, aim for walls that are up because they’ll be down by the time you reach them, which will see you get caught by them less often.
  • In the Slime game, which is one of the toughest race ones, stay away from edges so that you’re not hit off to an instant elimination.
  • In the ball collection game, don’t just push balls into your team’s area and then leave, but get them all the way to the back of the area so that they’re harder to collect for other teams.
  • Rather than just pushing your ball in Rock ‘N’ Roll, interrupt enemy balls when you can near the end of the game.
  • In the Block Party game, play like a tennis player by trying to get to the middle of the platform after every obstacle so that you’re never too far from the next gap.
  • Let other people fail for you. In games like Tip Toe, sit back and then cut off another players’ path when they’re a couple of platforms away from the end of a chain.
  • The best form of attack is defense in possession based team games. In the ball hoarding or soccer games, get the lead initially and then just sit back and make sure nobody gets out with your eggs or balls by grabbing them. Hold the grab for 2-3 seconds and they’ll let go of the item, allowing you to swoop in and knock the ball away or grab the egg.
  • Finally, playing with friends can give you a trustworthy team to work alongside, helping you stay safe and work towards winning team based modes.

Since we’re still playing rounds and trying to rack up more wins ourselves, we’ll update this list with more tips as we work them out. Also, if you have any yourself, be sure to should them out in the comments down below.

That’s it for our our Fall Guys tips and tricks. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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