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Is Fall Guys Free-to-Play? Answered

Fall guys free

Is Fall Guys Free-to-Play? Answered

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the latest take on the battle royale genre. 60 players start as they jump, dive, and grab their way to be the last-man-standing in this series of obstacle courses. You’ll have to be the first one to grab the Crown in the final stage if you’re going to take home the ultimate prize of the game show winner. With the game dominating streaming services right now, some players may be wondering if Fall Guys is free-to-play.

Is Fall Guys Free?

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, then technically, yes, Fall Guys is free. Fall Guys is one of the exclusive monthly free games that PlayStation Plus subscribers can download onto their PS4. You’ll have to act fast, though, as the game will rotate out for other titles once August comes to an end. In other words, download it for free before the end of August from the PlayStation Store.

Keep in mind that even after you download Fall Guys for free via PlayStation Plus, you’ll need to keep your subscription active to keep playing it. This is because it’s an online game, so needs PlayStation Plus to be played.

Further, the PlayStation Plus collection of games you’ve built over the months can only be accessed if your subscription is active. If it isn’t, you’ll have a padlock icon next to the game’s name on your home screen and you won’t be able to start it.

How Much Fall Guys Costs to Buy on PS4 and PC

If you’re playing on PC or just want to own Fall Guys for good on PS4 without it getting entangled in your PlayStation Plus subscription you can always buy the game for $19.99/ £15.99.

The good news is that once you’ve bought the game, you won’t have to pay out each month for a Battle Pass. This is free to all Fall Guys players, regardless of whether you’ve bought the game outright or you picked it up for free via PlayStation Plus.

For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, be sure to check out more of our Fall Guys coverage below.

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