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Fall Guys: How to Change Name

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Fall Guys: How to Change Name

Fall Guys is taking the gaming world by storm at the moment, selling more than two million copies on Steam, on top of all the downloads on PS4 via PlayStation Plus. To give your character even more flair than a chicken costume does, here’s everything you need to know about how to change name in Fall Guys.

First things first, it’s only really something that is possible via Steam on PC. On PS4, you’d have to change your PSN ID, which is cumbersome as it is, may wipe online game progress, and can only be done once. Even then, there is no way to add the color flair to names on PS4, which is the reason many players want to change names in Fall Guys.

Therefore, it’s only really possible if you’ve bought the game on Steam.

How to Change Name in Fall Guys

What you’ll need to do is head to your account on Steam and select the option to change your Username. In the box where you type it in, you can put whatever you want (for the most part) but you’ll need to start it with a little bit of code if you want to make it red, bold, or something like that.

In the little code section, add the color you might want, and then something for bold or italics, with no gaps between any of them. Below are all the options you have:

  • Highlight: <mark>
  • Underline: <u>
  • Italics: <i>
  • Bold: <b>
  • Red: <#F00>
  • Orange: <#F90>
  • Yellow: <#FF0>
  • Blue: <#00F>
  • Green: <#0F0>
  • Dark Purple: <#90F>
  • Pink: <#F0F>
  • Purple: <#A0F>
  • Cyan: <#0FF>
  • Light Pink: <#A57>

Then, once you’ve confirmed your new username, you should find it set as that when you next jump into a show in Fall Guys.

That’s everything you need to know about how to change name in Fall Guys. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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