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Fairy Tail: How to Unlock All Characters

Fairy Tail unlock Characters

Fairy Tail: How to Unlock All Characters

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when or how you’ll be able to play as some of the characters available in Fairy Tail. If you’re looking to add new members to your team, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to unlock all characters in Fairy Tail.

How to Unlock All Characters

There are currently 16 playable characters in Fairy Tail, with two being available right after the Prologue chapter. Natsu and Lucy are part of your team from the very beginning, but the other 14 are obtained at different points in the story.

Here’s how to unlock the rest of the characters in Fairy Tail:


The main group of Fairy Tail guild members is the easiest bunch of characters to unlock. Wendy is part of that bunch.

Simply complete the very first mandatory Request in Chapter 1 to play as Wendy. It’s the first official Request that she’s a part of, so you can’t miss it.


Similarly to Wendy, Gray is unlocked by completing a mandatory Request in Chapter 1. It’s called Snuggle Don’t Struggle.


Erza is the last of the main group to be basically handed to you with a simple unmissable mission in Chapter 1. Complete the Get the Mail, Man Request to add her to your team.


Juvia is the first optional character that you can unlock in Fairy Tail. In Chapter 2, you’ll need to complete the A Request Built For Two mission after talking to her inside the guild.

This is a Character Story mission, so she’ll have a star symbol above her head to notify you when it’s available.


Gajeel the iron Dragon Slayer will become available in Chapter 3, after the Grand Magic Games have begun.

To unlock him as a playable character, you’ll need to complete his first Character Story mission. It’s called The Iron Dragon’s Test of Strength, and it’s a 1-on-1 fight against him, so be prepared.


This next Dragon Slayer can be added to your squad starting in Chapter 7. Sting will be hanging out in the new (old) Fairy Tail guild.

Talk to him, and finish up all three of his Character Story Requests to unlock him. After the White vs. Red mission, he’ll be officially unlocked.


Rogue can be obtained in the exact same fashion as Sting. In Chapter 7, simply speak to him in the guild and do all three of his Character Story Requests.

After the Battle of the Dragon Slayers: Continued mission, he’ll be yours to use.


Once again, in Chapter 7, talk to Sherria inside the guild to start her Character Story questline. Finish the Sherria is on the Job quest in order to add her to your team. It’s her third and final personal Request.


Kagura becomes available to speak to in Chapter 7 as well. This time, you only need to complete two Character Story Requests. After finishing A Mermaid on Stage, she’ll be unlocked.


Ichiya is yet another character that can be unlocked in Chapter 7. Speak to him in the guild, then complete all three of his Character Story quests to add him to you team. His final quest is called The Perfect Team.


Surprisingly, Jellal isn’t part of the Chapter 7 bunch. You’ll need ot talk to him inside the guild in the Final Chapter to start his Character Story quests.

Complete his third personal mission, Evil Lurking, to unlock Jellal as a playable character.


You use Mirajane plenty of times before she officially joins your team. Speak to her in the Epilogue, then complete her three Character Story quests to finally add her.

Her last Request is titled Coming Out of Retirement.


You’ll be able to add Laxus in the Epilogue after adding Mirajane. Complete all three of his Character Stories, ending in Harvest Festival Memories, to unlock him.


Gildarts can be found on the second floor of the final Fairy Tail guild at the very end of the game. To unlock him, you’ll need to fight him in his Character Story.

He’s level 90, so you might need to do a bit of grinding before challenging him. However, once you defeat him, he’ll join you.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock every character in Fairy Tail. If you’re looking for more Fairy Tail tips, check out these other guides:

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