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Destiny 2: Best Machine Guns for PvE, PvP, Gambit (2020)

best machine guns 2020 destiny 2 xenophage

Destiny 2: Best Machine Guns for PvE, PvP, Gambit (2020)

There’s only a handful of options for machine guns in Destiny 2, but luckily there are some really good ones worth using in all game modes. Here’s the best machine guns in Destiny 2 for PvE, PvP, and Gambit.

We’re going to talk about Hammerhead plenty in the PvP section so we’ll save that discussion for then, but know that yes, Hammerhead is solid in all game modes in Destiny 2, including PvE. Just try to avoid using it on raid bosses as there are much better options out there, including within the machine gun tier.

21% Delirium an excellent add clearing weapon with the unique perk of being able to reload and overfill your reserves instantly upon picking up a power ammo brick, and it also has a special version of rampage that only expires once the gun is reloaded.

In close quarters situations (the range/recoil isn’t all that great) few legendary machine guns can match 21% Delirium’s killing potential.

An exotic that can match that killing potential and deliver a similar feel is Heir Apparent. Heir Apparent will let you just lay on the trigger similar to sweet business but also provides you an arc shield to help protect you from damage which is pretty neat. The only catch is it needs to spin up and you can’t aim with it (although it is very accurate so it’s not really a major loss).

Thunderlord is still a very solid exotic as well, although it has been outclassed in raids by a few choice grenade launchers. It hits extremely hard for a machine gun, and its exotic perk will make quick work of adds just like 21% Delirium, without having to sacrifice and accuracy.

Xenophage, added in Shadowkeep, after its buff in Season of Dawn is a much better weapon that is not only lethal in invading in Gambit if you have the ammo is among the best raid boss weapons as well. This is especially true for Titans which have access to Actium War Rig which allows you to fire Xenophage non-stop without stopping.

Xenophage also melts yellow bars faster than just about any gun in the game, you just need to make sure you are decking yourself out with machine gun mods to ensure you keep the ammo flowing.

Best Machine Guns in Destiny 2 (2020)

Best in PvE & Gambit

best machine guns 2020 destiny 2 xenophage
  • 21% Delirium (Power, Arc) – Complete the Gambit pinnacle quest triumph, Notorious Hustle
  • Fixed Odds (Power, Solar) – Obtained via the Menagerie/Chalice of Opulence crafting.
  • Hammerhead (Power, Void)- Complete the powerful Black Armory machine gun frame.
  • Heir Apparent (Power, Solar, Exotic) – Obtained during Guardian Games seasonal event.
  • Seventh Seraph SAW (Power, Arc) – Obtained in Season of the Worthy by leveling up Rasputin Bunkers.
  • Thunderlord (Power, Arc, Exotic) – Random exotic world drop.
  • Xenophage (Power, Solar, Exotic) – Complete the exotic quest The Journey.
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