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Battletoads: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

battletoads, beginners

Battletoads: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Similar to the original version of the game, Battletoads’ 2020 reboot requires plenty of skill. Regardless of the difficulty you play on, the slew of different mini-games, combat sequences, and platforming involved in the game is going to challenge you. Luckily, we’ve got all of the Battletoads tips and tricks for beginners right here.

Combat (Brawling)

Battletoads Tips & Tricks

Battletoads Tips & Tricks

While Battletoads may seem like a pretty straightforward beat’em up, there is a fair amount of nuance to its combat system, especially when brawling. You can’t just mash the strike button for every single enemy and plow your way through them.

Some enemies require you to break their block, stun them, and even execute combination moves in order to be defeated. The combination moves also do a lot more damage and serve to clear out crowded spaces, so use them as much as you can.

Enemies also have pretty significant tells to indicate that they’re about to unleash an attack. For example, charging enemies will take a stance when they are about to fly toward you.

The toads themselves are also aware that projectiles are coming in from enemies, as indicated by exclamation points above their heads.

Speaking of combat, out next point details why it is important to switch between characters.

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