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Battletoads: How to Get S Rank

Battletoads s rank

Battletoads: How to Get S Rank

At the end of every level in Battletoads, you’ll be scored and ranked based on your performance. The elusive S Rank will take some serious hard work to get, but if you know roughly what you’re doing it can make the whole thing easier. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to get S Ranks in Battletoads for the ultimate bragging rights.

How to Get S Ranks in Battletoads

S Rank (or Sick Ranks) are the highest possible rank in Battletoads and will often come from performing the following actions:

  • Use a variety of different moves and combos
  • Tag in and work with your co-op partners
  • Evading enemy attacks and not taking damage

For the most part, we found that S Ranks were most easily obtainable when we focused on mixing up our moves and combos. If you simply spam the same move over and over, it’s not going to get you that high a score for the level.

Similarly, tagging in your co-op partner and working together to take down enemies in combat will also see you get a massive boost to your score and is imperative for getting an S Rank in Battletoads.

As we find more and more handy ways to help you get an S Rank, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

What You Get for an S Rank

Every time you obtain an S Rank in combat-based levels, you complete the stage objective, rewarding you with a collectible. There are four different collectible-related achievements in Battletoads, and we’ve listed them below for your achievement hunters out there.

  • It Begins (5G) – Get your first collectible
  • Scratching an Itch (10G) – Get all collectibles in a level
  • Making Progress (15G) – Get a total of 25 collectibles
  • I’ve Started So I’ll Finish (30G) – Get a total of 75 collectibles
  • Did You Use a Walkthrough? (60G) – Get every collectible in the game!

It’s worth pointing out that some collectibles can be earned in levels in different ways than simply getting an A/ S Rank in Battletoads. In addition to the above achievements, there are also the following Rank-related achievements:

  • Brawling… With Style! (15G) – Earn your first ‘S’ Rank from an encounter
  • Straight-A Student (15G) – Earn 20 ‘A’ Ranks from encounters

That’s everything you need to know to get an S Rank in Battletoads. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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