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Battletoads: How to Activate Invincibility

Battletoads, How to Activate Invincibility

Battletoads: How to Activate Invincibility

Battletoads is a series notorious for its high difficulty, and the latest entry is no exception. Fortunately, the game’s developers have included a mechanic to help most anyone get through tough sections with ease, and that’s why we’re here to walk you through how to activate invincibility in Battletoads.

How to Activate Invincibility in Battletoads

To activate invincibility in Battletoads, you’ll need to have fulfilled a few key requirements beforehand.

First, you’ll need to be playing the game on Tadpole or Toad difficulty. The Invincibility mechanic is disabled in the Battletoad difficulty setting, as the mode is meant to act as the hard mode in as many senses of the word as possible.

Next, you’ll need to have died a certain number of times before the option to use invincibility will become available. Once you do, you’ll be able to trigger the mode by pressing and holding the Up Directional Button on the D-Pad.

Once you do this, your character will be rendered immune to damage and death for the duration of the level you’re playing. This includes damage from both standard and boss enemies, and it can be triggered again in any subsequent levels so long as the above conditions are met again.

And that’s all there is to it really. Invincibility serves as an optional buff for those who need it, and is a useful tool should you get stuck on a particularly tricky section. If you choose to never use it, you’re in no way obligated to and can continue to take on the game sans any sort of handicap.

Hopefully this cleared up how to activate invincibility in Battletoads. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki. It has plenty of tips and tricks for other aspects of the game, covering things like how to tag in other characters and how long the game takes to beat.

For more on the game’s character’s and story, you can also check out one of its more recent trailers.

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