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Auto Chess PS4 Release Date Revealed


Auto Chess PS4 Release Date Revealed

During PlayStation’s State of Play Event, a new Auto Chess trailer revealed the release date for its PlayStation 4 version. According to the trailer, the game is set to come to PlayStation 4 on October 31, 2020.

This version will also be available on early access on the Epic Games Store as a PC exclusive.

Watch the trailer below.

Made popular by the Dota 2 mod, Auto Chess involves strategic gameplay centered around chess pieces with different skills, strengths, and weaknesses. These chess pieces can be upgraded throughout a game by combining pieces of the same star tier.

Synergies and other chess piece specific advantages can be achieved by putting together and building a team of different chess pieces.

Auto Chess also features four different game modes: Classic Mode which is a normal 8 player game, Duo Mode which adds co-op, Fantasy Mode which has varying rules, and Quick Mode which shortens gameplay time.

Other game announcements and reveals were made during PlayStation’s State of Play like a new Godfall combat video, a Bugsnax gameplay trailer, and a new Braid Anniversary Edition.

Keep an eye on Twinfinite’s website for more updates on Auto Chess and all of the other games involved in PlayStation’s most recent State of Play.

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