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Valorant: How to Forfeit

how to forfeit in valorant

Valorant: How to Forfeit

Valorant has been the latest team-based shooter to really take off on PC, and after a few hours of playing it, you’ll completely understand why. With the arrival of its Competitive mode, however, some players may be looking to save themselves a bit of time and concede a match before it’s over. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to forfeit in Valorant for your convenience.

Forfeiting in Valorant

To forfeit in Valorant, you’ll first need to make sure you’ve got the 1.02 patch downloaded and installed. This introduced the ranked system with eight divisions, each with three tiers.

To forfeit in Valorant, type “/ff” “forefeit,” “concede” or “surrender” in the chat. The chat can be opened by pressing Enter on your keyboard.

Doing this will start a Surrender Vote on your team. You and your teammates will then have to vote either “/yes” (F5) or “/no” (F6) to confirm they do or don’t want to surrender the match. You’ll need all five players on your team to admit defeat if you want to forfeit in Valorant.

It’s also worth pointing out that the game won’t let you forfeit before the eighth round of a match. If you try and do it before this, it’ll simply roll the vote onto the next round.

What Happens in the Event of a Successful Forfeit?

If you or the opposing team forfeit in Valorant, the winning team will simply get the remaining wins they need to reach 13. The losing team will have the opposite done to them, ensuring that forfeiting is fair to both teams involved and there’s no way to try and game the competitive system by surrendering early on.

That’s all you need to know on how to forfeit in Valorant. Check out more of our coverage on the Riots latest competitive shooter below.

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