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These 12 Zelda Dungeons Are Simply the Best


These 12 Zelda Dungeons Are Simply the Best

12. Palace of Winds (Minish Cap)

Link traveled up into the clouds to save Hyrule long before Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword made it cool. The Palace of the Winds was easily one of the biggest “wow” moments in Minish Cap, and this dungeon still holds up today, which is why it earns a spot on this list.

Palace of Winds (which isn’t to be confused with Minish Cap’s Fortress of Winds dungeon, which has little to do with the wind or the sky) is the final dungeon in Link’s quest. This palace is located in the cloud tops and was built to protect the Wind Element from the evil Vaati.

The dungeon makes effective use of the Roc’s Cape, which allows Link to glide across dangerous gaps or ascend even higher into the clouds. As the dungeon’s name suggests, wind is a constant element that makes it difficult to traverse without being blown in the wrong direction. The ideas here are basic, but they are smart.

Gyorg Pair, the boss of Palace of Winds, is a fun fight. It takes place entirely in the air; Link must jump from one Gyorg to the other while battling them and avoiding their attacks, all while trying not to fall to his death.

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