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Temtem: How to Get to Kisiwa Island

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Temtem: How to Get to Kisiwa Island

Developed by Crema and published by Humble Bundle, Temtem is a Pokemon-inspired MMORPG that allows you to capture and collect cute creatures and make them battle each other. It was already pretty robust during its early access period, and the developer has just released a new update that includes a whole new island you can explore. Here’s how to get to Kisiwa island in Temtem.

Getting to Kisiwa Island in Temtem

First things first, you need to have completed all of the main story quests. There are a total of 10 main quests in total, as listed below:

  • First Steps
  • Flight of the Narwhal
  • Adventure in the Myrisles
  • A Trip to Kisiwa
  • Shipwrecked in Tucma!
  • First Aid
  • Free Matthew
  • Beached Narwhal
  • Water Supply
  • Find Kemal

After you’ve completed all quests, and once you’ve installed the new update, you’ll be able to access the new story content and properly visit Kisiwa island itself. To get there, you’ll first need to get through the maze at Kupeleleza and find the entrance to Kisiwa island on the other side.

Navigating through the maze is pretty simple. Starting from Manki, head down to the next island, cross the gap in the bottom right corner, then head left and down again towards the clearing. Go forward and you’ll find the entrance to Kisiwa island past the patch of grass.

Be warned, though; the Temtem levels here are pretty high and can reach the mid to high 40s. You should be pretty close to that range after beating the main story quests in the initial build, but you may still need to grind a little before moving forward to take on the new challenges.

That’s all you need to know about how to get to Kisiwa island in Temtem. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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