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SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete: How to Beat Dog, Ninja & Addict

superhot mind control delete

SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete: How to Beat Dog, Ninja & Addict

During the latter stages of SUPERHOT’s Mind Control Delete standalone expansion, players will come across some boss enemy types. The Dog, Ninja, and Addict can all cause you serious problems if you don’t know how to deal with them. We should also point out these are definitely not the official names for them, just ones we’re using that best describe how they look and what they do. Either way, we’re here to tell you how to beat the Ninja, Dog and Addict in SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete.

Beating the Ninja, Addict & Dog in SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete

Unfortunately, you can never actually kill the Ninja, the Dog, or the other Addict enemy that can appear randomly during the latter stages of the game. That doesn’t mean there’s no way to ensure you survive their arrival, though.

Instead, they’re simply there to give you another thing to worry about while you go about killing enough normal enemies to complete the level.

As such, it’s important you know what each of these special enemy types do.

The first has the head of a Dog and the body of a man. The Dog’s special attack will be to crouch on the floor and quickly jump to your position in a straight line. He can phase through walls and objects, so don’t think hiding behind a wall will save you.

The Ninja enemy type wields a Samurai and has a strange hole in its head. It’ll throw its Samurai at you and then recall it shortly after, giving you two deadly ranged attacks to look out for.

The third and final boss enemy type is called Addict in SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete and wields a gun. When shot, you’ll change places with them, which can be both helpful and a hindrance to you depending on whether there are many enemies nearby. Even if this enemy hits you, it’ll simply move you somewhere else in the level and won’t damage you directly.

If either the Ninja or the Dog land a hit on you, you’ll lose a heart, so as soon as you hear the telltale sound of them stepping into a level (it’s very dramatic, evil-sounding music), then get a move on trying to clear the level as quickly as possible.

That’s all you need to know on beating the Dog, Ninja and Addict in Superhot Mind Control Delete. Looking for more tips and tricks, then check out more of our SUPERHOT coverage below.

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