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Ooblets: How to Sleep & Skip to Next Day

how to sleep ooblets

Ooblets: How to Sleep & Skip to Next Day

In Ooblets, almost everything you do will slowly drain your avatar’s energy throughout the day. Pick some weeds? Energy drained. Plant some Ooblets or crops? Energy drained. Shake a tree? That requires energy! With so many things requiring energy, you’ll desperately be looking for ways to restore energy so you can carry on with your day. Sleeping is one such way you can do that in Ooblets, so we’ll talk you through the process.

Sleeping in Ooblets

The good news is it’s incredibly easy to sleep in Ooblets. Simply go into the farmhouse at the top of your farm and interact with the camping bed. This will confirm that you want to sleep. Confirm and you’ll go for a quick sleep.

The time at which you choose to sleep, however, will determine how long you’re catching Zs for.

If you choose to sleep in the early afternoon because you’ve completely drained your energy on your farm in the morning, your character will likely only nap until later on in the day. This is usually the next ‘segment’ on the daytime clock in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Hold on until the evening, though, and when you interact with your bed, it’ll confirm that you want to sleep through until the next day. Confirm and you’ll be given a summary of your activities from that day and the XP you’ve earned as a result of your actions.

If you’re completely out of energy by midday and are desperate to skip to the next day, you can do so by repeatedly sleeping until you’re in the evening and can sleep through until the next day. Though, keep in mind that after a quick nap you’ll restore a small chunk of your energy for that day, meaning you can do a little bit more before sleeping out the rest of the day.

And that’s a complete guide on sleeping in Ooblets. There’s really not a whole lot to it! Be sure to keep checking back with Twinfinite for more tips, tricks, and guides on Ooblets. We’ve even linked more coverage below because we’re nice like that.

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