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Ooblets: How to Sea Dangle (Fishing)

ooblets sea dangling guide

Ooblets: How to Sea Dangle (Fishing)

With Ooblets mashing together the gameplay of Pokemon, Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing into a charming adventure, it seems like a given that fishing would appear in one form or another. Well, it does, and in Ooblets it’s called Sea Dangling. The thing is, you’ll never have a fishing rod of your own, so the whole process can be a little confusing. Here’s how to go Sea Dangling in Ooblets.

Sea Dangling in Ooblets

First off, you’ll need to know where you can Sea Dangle. There are only specific spots that you can, and one of them is on the pier in Badgetown.

sea dangling in ooblets
Sea Dangling Spot in Badgetown

You need to walk to the very end of the pier to find all the fishing equipment lying on the ground. When you’re stood by it, you should have the option to left mouse click, or press A to interact with it and go Sea Dangling.

Getting Bait

At this point, you’ll then need to make sure you’ve got Bait. This can be obtained by getting anything you’re not planning on using and putting it in the Reconstitooter just by the beginning of the pier. Top tip: The cans that spawn each day around Badgetown will often give you enough to make one Bait per day.

fishing in ooblets
The Reconstitooter in Badgetown

You can also put any trash you fish out of the sea, shells, and crops into the Reconstitooter. You need 10 Slurry to make 1 Bait from it. Each item will break down into a different amount of Slurry, which can be checked by opening your inventory and selecting the item.

sea dangling in ooblets
Using the Reconsitooter to Make Sea Dangling Bait

Going Fishing

Now that you’ve got your Bait, return to the Sea Dangling spot and press A/ LMB. Next, choose your Bait on the next screen and then confirm.

fishing in ooblets
Choosing Your Bait to Go Fishing in Ooblets

From this point on, you don’t actually need to do anything. You’ll automatically catch something after a short cutscene, though what you catch will vary.

sea dangling in ooblets
Sea Dangling in Ooblets

In our experience, we caught Speedy Gros, Speedy Gro Pros, random boots, shells, and other trash.

That’s everything you need to know on how to Sea Dangle in Ooblets and go fishing. Looking for more tips on the game? Check out more of our coverage below.

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