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Ooblets Rainbow Rain Explained: What It Does & How to Trigger It


Ooblets Rainbow Rain Explained: What It Does & How to Trigger It

Ooblets Rainbow Rain is a weather event that can occur any day that you wake up in Badgetown. It ties into the game’s cutesy nature, but it’s not just pretty water droplets falling from the sky. If you see Rainbow Rain in Ooblets, you need to make the most of the day.

Rainbow Rain Increases Gleamy Ooblets Spawn Rates

As we’ve highlighted in the heading above, Rainbow Rain in Ooblets will increase your chances of coming across one of the Gleamy Ooblets on that day.

ooblets rainbow rain
Image Credit: u/adnwrl

Gleamy Ooblets are the rarest variant of any species of Ooblet you can catch. They’ll be a different color, and will also shine and glisten as they go about dancing or tending to the crops on your farm.

If you place one of these Gleamy Ooblets in an Oobcoop on your farm, they have a chance of producing Oobsidian, one of the rarest materials in the game and one that’s required for a lot of quests and upgrades.

As such, whenever Ooblets Rainbow Rain occurs in your game, you’ll want to focus on nothing but hunting down Gleamy Ooblets and searching around Badgetown.

Rainbow Rain also has the chance of increasing the spawn rate of Oobsidian around Badgetown for you to forage. Keep an eye out for the dark-colored stones and pick them up whenever you spot them. From our experience, they tend to spawn the most at the very northern point of Badgetown, by the treehouse.

How to Trigger Rainbow Rain in Ooblets

There’s no way to actually trigger Rainbow Rain falling on Badgetown in your game. Just like every other type of weather, it’s entirely random. You’ll just have to hope that its raining multicolored when you wake up in the morning.

For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, check out more of our coverage below.

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