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Ooblets: How to Get Club Coins & What They Do

ooblets club coins

Ooblets: How to Get Club Coins & What They Do

Ooblets Club Coins are a bit of a mystery if you’re only just starting out in early access, but the good news is that you don’t have to worry about them right away and they’re actually fairly straightforward. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to get Club Coins in Ooblets and what they’re used for.

Getting Club Coins

Chances are you’ll randomly come across Club Coins in Ooblets before you actually know what they’re used for. This is because Club Coins can be found lying around on the floor inside the various buildings of Badgetown. They’ll be in random locations each day, so it’s down to you to do the hardwork and go exploring for them.

ooblets club coins

You’ll know that you’ve come across a Club Coin as it’ll be a small circle glistening away on the floor, indicating you can interact with it. Simply press A / LMB and your character will pick it up.

What Ooblets Club Coins Are Used For

Once you’ve progressed far enough through the main story ‘quests’ in Ooblets, you’ll be tasked with setting up the clubhouse for each of the different Ooblet Clubs in Badgetown. Complete these, and then you’ll be able to go inside each one.

Here, you’ll then be able to use those Club Coins you’ve been collecting for each club respectively, to buy that club’s exclusive items. For the most part, these are one-use consumable items or just accessories to spruce up the look of your Ooblets.

You can buy these if you wish, but we’d advise saving up the 20 Club Coins for each club to get their highest-priced unique item, as this enables you to start dance battles with the club’s mascot without having to meet their item requirements.

That’s everything you need to know on Ooblets Club Coins. For more on the game, see our guides below.

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