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Is Grounded Coming to PS4 & Nintendo Switch? Answered

Grounded ps4 switch

Is Grounded Coming to PS4 & Nintendo Switch? Answered

Obsidian Entertainment’s latest game is here, and sees players exploring the perilous world of the back yard… when you’re shrunk down to the size of an ant. You’ll have to fend off big spiders, craft to survive, and of course, avoid giant spiders at all costs. While we already know the game is coming to Xbox One and PC, some players may be wondering ‘is Grounded coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

Grounded PS4 & Switch Ports? Everything You Need to Know

At this moment in time, Grounded will only be available to play on Xbox One and PC. This is primarily down to the fact that the game is in its ‘early access’ and ‘Xbox Game Preview’ state.

What that means is that Grounded still isn’t entirely complete, and Obsidian may still need to address some bugs and releases fixes and possibly even new content during this time. Exactly when Grounded will leave its ‘early access’ state remains to be seen.

It’s not just the lack of an ‘early access’ system on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch that’s keeping Grounded exclusive to the Xbox One and PC.

Obsidian Entertainment was acquired in 2018 by Microsoft, adding it to the family of Microsoft Game Studios developers. As such, Obsidian Entertainment is now a first-party studio, and will only release its games for Microsoft platforms like Xbox One and PC.

Whether this changes in the future remains to be seen, but with Sony offering up a stellar arsenal of exclusives for the PS4, it’s unlikely Microsoft will want to share any of its own first-party titles with other platforms, in the hope it’ll attract new players to the Xbox One or PC.

That’s everything you need to know on whether or not Grounded is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check out more of our coverage on the game down below.

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