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Ooblets: How to Get Oodles

ooblets oodles

Ooblets: How to Get Oodles

Oodles are a recipe you can make in Ooblets. They can be consumed to restore 30 Energy, or used to challenge a wild Ooblet to a dance battle for a chance to get their seed so you can grow your own. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to get Oodles in Ooblets, alongside how to get the ingredients to make them.

Getting Oodles in Ooblets

There are two ways you can get Oodles in Ooblets. The first is to go foraging around Badgetown. Keep an eye out for anywhere that’s glistening. You can interact with these to get a random item or consumable. If you’re lucky, you might just get some Oodles for your efforts.

This is a very luck-based method of obtaining Oodles, though. There is a way you can just make them instead, which will save you a ton of time and guarantee you’ve got some to engage in a dance-off with a wild Ooblet, or just to recover your energy.

Making Oodles

You can make Oodles by interacting with the Old Hot Plate in your farmhouse. Oodles are the first recipe that’ll appear when you open the next menu. You’ll need the following items to make Oodles:

  • Buttonboy x2
  • Boregus x1
  • Muz x1

As long as you’ve got these items, you can press and hold the A button/ LMB on the recipe and it’ll automatically be made and added to your inventory.

oodles in ooblets
Making Oodles in Ooblets

All of the ingredients for Oodles are easy to find. Muz seeds can be bought from Meed’s Seeds right by the entrance to your farm and takes a couple of days to grow. They’re also very cheap.

Boregus and Buttonboy are two types of mushrooms that randomly spawn around Badgetown. Buttonboy looks like your typical red mushrooms with white spots, while Boregus are black with pale brown/ orangey spots.

There you have all there is to know on how to get Oodles in Ooblets. Should we find any other ways of obtaining them, we’ll update this post. For now, you can check out more tips and tricks on the game by checking out our coverage below, or using the search option on our site!

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