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Grounded: How to Get Raw Science

Grounded raw science

Grounded: How to Get Raw Science

Raw Science is a currency in Grounded that you’ll use to unlock new crafting recipes and other progression-related features via the BURG.L robot at the Great Oak tree. As such, you’re likely wondering how to get Raw Science in Grounded.

Getting Raw Science in Grounded

There are two ways that you can begin racking up Raw Science fairly easily. These are by analyzing materials and completing BURG.L missions which we’ve explained further down below.

Analyzing Materials

First off, let’s run through the nice and easy one. At the very beginning of your adventure in Grounded, you’ll come across a small camp which contains a computer known as the Analyzer.

Grounded raw science

Whenever you get any type of new material or item in Grounded, return here and place it in the Analyzer. Not only does this sometimes unlock new crafting recipes in the game, but you’ll also get some Raw Science each time.

BURG.L Missions

Your other option requires you to finally reach the Great Oak tree which you’ll come across naturally as you make your way through the game.

When you get here, you’ll find the BURG.L robot in the far back room. Pick up the Grasslands BURG.L Chip and hand it over to the robot to then be given new options to buy things with Raw Science.

The BURG.L robot also offers up three new missions each day for players to complete. These not only give you something to do in Grounded once you’ve wrapped up what limited story content is in the game during early access, but completing each mission will also reward players with some Raw Science.

Make sure you’re checking back with BURG.L every day and complete all of his missions to farm Raw Science in Grounded.

That’s all you need to know on how to get Raw Science in Grounded. For more on the game, check out our coverage below.

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