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Grounded: How to Make a Workbench

Grounded, workbench

Grounded: How to Make a Workbench

Grounded, the new survival game from Obsidian, is finally out in early access on PC and Xbox One. As you’d expect from a survival game, there are loads of items to collect and craft, many of which require a workbench. So that you can make the items you need to progress, here’s everything you need to know about how to make a workbench in Grounded.

While you can make a lot of stuff while just wandering around the backyard in Grounded, you need a workbench to make things like upgraded tools and Berry Leather, which is in turn needed to craft Tier 2 tools.

How to Make a Workbench in Grounded

You can make a workbench pretty much anywhere and need the following materials to do so, some of which are easier to get your hands on than others:

  • Three Grass Planks
  • Four Sprigs
  • Two Sap

Sprigs are the easiest to find, being small shoots of grass sticking out the ground. Sap is a little tougher to find, but most branches and twigs of wood will have it on them.

Grass Planks are a little tougher to get since you need to make an axe first, which requires three sprigs, two pebblets, and one woven fiber. Once you’ve made that, you need to chop down a blade of grass, which will see one plank drop.

Grass Planks are too big to fit into your inventory, so you’ll need to carry them (you can carry three at a time) and make sure you already have the Sap and Sprigs you need. Then, if you press the View button and head to Utilities under Craft, you’ll see the Workbench there, with you being able to make it.

Just place and build it and you’ll be able to make all the tools and items you can.

That’s everything you need to know about how to make a workbench in Grounded. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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