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Final Fantasy XIV’s Moonfire Faire Is Starting Next Month

Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire

Final Fantasy XIV’s Moonfire Faire Is Starting Next Month

As if the upcoming Patch 5.3 launching on Final Fantasy XIV on August 11 wasn’t enough to keep us excited, this year’s seasonal Moonfire Faire event has been announced and will be commencing next month on August 12.

If you haven’t gotten into FFXIV yet or have not renewed your subscription in a while, it seems like now is the perfect time to jump into Eorzea. With over 20,000,000 accounts created so far, the community seems to be thriving more than ever and is likely to grow further with the coming update.

Get ready for some fireworks and fun at Costa Del Sol!

There are no requirements to participating aside from being level 30 in at least one class, meaning that the event’s fun Hula-inspired rewards are accessible to (nearly) all!

You can see them below.

Make sure to pick up the event’s quest, “A Fish Too Far,” by speaking to Mayaru Moyaru at Limsa Lominsa, Upper Decks (x:11.5, y:13.8).

From there you will just need to follow the quest’s objectives to receive a cute new Summer’s Flame outfit, a special Flame Dance emote, and the outdoor Water Bomb Stand furnishing. Keep in mind that if you missed out on the previous Moonfire Faire event’s rewards or misplaced the items, you can purchase some of them back via the vendors.

Get ready for this year’s Moonfire Faire and ready that /gpose for an awesome group photo with your friends featuring those new beach-ready outfits! Check out some of the details of the upcoming patch while you wait here.

The event will be available from August 12 and will end on August 26.

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