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Broadcasting on Xbox One in 2020: What’s Changed & How to Stream

how to broadcast on xbox one 2020

Broadcasting on Xbox One in 2020: What’s Changed & How to Stream

People don’t like just playing video games, they love watching others play through them. The popularity of Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and formerly Mixer were evidence of that. As such, Microsoft introduced the ability for Xbox One players to broadcast their gameplay to Mixer with a quick and easy process. As of June 2020, however, some players have noticed the option’s seemingly removed from their Xbox One menu. Here we’ll explain what the deal is with broadcasting on Xbox One in 2020.

Where Has the Broadcast Option Gone on Xbox One?

Following Microsoft’s announcement that Mixer was closing down back in June, the Xbox One’s Broadcast option was removed.

The reason for this was because Mixer was owned by Microsoft, and so simply used your Xbox Live account details as your Mixer account. This allowed for players to literally press the ‘Start Broadcasting’ option within the ‘Capture’ menu from the Xbox menu button and start sharing their gameplay with friends and viewers around the world.

Due to Mixer’s shuttering — or merging with Facebook, technically — Microsoft has removed the option to begin broadcasting on Xbox One. Whether this will return once Microsoft and Facebook’s partnership has developed remains to be seen.

How Else Can I Stream on Xbox One?

Your best alternative to Broadcasting to Mixer is to download the Twitch App on your Xbox One.

Once this is downloaded, load up the game that you’d like to stream. Once it’s loaded, press the Xbox button on your controller to open up the guide and select the Twitch app. Press A to load it up.

Next, select the ‘Broadcast’ tab within the Twitch app. Fill in the details such as your stream title and confirm other settings. When you’re done, select ‘Start Streaming’ and press A. You should now be streaming directly from your Xbox One to Twitch.

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