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What Crying Obsidian Does in Minecraft 1.16


What Crying Obsidian Does in Minecraft 1.16

With the release of Minecraft 1.16 (aka the Nether update), the Nether has been in the spotlight. New mobs can be found, Piglin will trade or attack you, and Netherite’s taken the title of best material in the game from Diamond. As a result of these major changes, a number of existing items have newfound uses, mostly related to adventuring into the Nether. Crying Obsidian is one such material, but what exactly does it do in Minecraft 1.16?

What Crying Obsidian Is Used For

Prior to Minecraft’s 1.16 update, Crying Obsidian was simply a luminous variant of Obsidian that produced purple particles when it was placed. In other words, it was nothing more than a pretty and incredibly resilient building block.

Minecraft 1.16 Crying Obsidian

From Minecraft 1.16 onwards, Crying Obsidian can be used to create a Respawn Anchor. A Respawn Anchor is an item that allows players to respawn in the Nether and set the point within it where they will respawn.

To make a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft, you’ll need six Crying Obsidian and three Glowstone — a common material that can be mined in the Nether. Take all of these in your inventory to a crafting table and you can make a Respawn Anchor.

How to Get Crying Obsidian in Minecraft 1.16

Crying Obsidian can only be obtained by trading with a Piglin in the Nether. Before trying to do so, make sure you’re wearing any sort of gold armor. A gold helmet will do and it requires the least gold.

A piglin will be hostile towards you by default and will only be willing to trade if you’re wearing gold somewhere on you.

Give the Piglin a Gold Ingot and he’ll give you an item in return. You have an 8.84% chance of the Piglin trading you Crying Obsidian for the Gold Ingot. You can find the full list of items (alongside their drop rate) a Piglin will trade Gold Ingots for below:

  • Enchanted Book with Soul Speed (Random level) – 1.18%
  • Iron Boots with Soul Speed (Random level) – 1.89%
  • Iron Nugget – 2.36%
  • Splash Potion of Fire Resistance – 2.36%
  • Potion of Fire Resistance – 2.36%
  • Nether Quartz – 4.73%
  • Glowstone Dust – 4.73%
  • Magma Cream – 4.73%
  • Ender Peal – 4.73%
  • String – 4.73%
  • Fire Charge – 9.46%
  • Gravel – 9.46%
  • Leather – 9.46%
  • Nether Brick – 9.46%
  • Obsidian – 9.46%
  • Crying Obsidian – 9.46%
  • Soul Sand – 9.46%

Can Crying Obsidian Be Used to Make a Nether Portal?

No. Crying Obsidian cannot be used as a portal frame for a Nether Portal. Attempting to make a portal out of it will simply result in a frame, but no portal.

That’s everything you need to know on what Crying Obsidian does in Minecraft 1.16. Looking for more guides on the Minecraft Nether update? Be sure to check out more of our coverage down below.

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