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Valorant: How to Get Valorant Points

valorant points

Valorant: How to Get Valorant Points

As a free-to-play experience, you can enjoy Riot Games’ new hero-shooter, Valorant, without dropping a single cent. For those who want it, though, there’s premium content in the form of cosmetic items and a Premium Battle Pass progression system available to purchase. But before you start making it rain, you’ll need to buy some in-game currency. Here’s how to get Valorant Points.

How to Get Valorant Points

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Riot Games makes opening your wallet and spending money pretty darn easy. Although that being said, it’s hardly thrust in your face either; you won’t be asked to spend money at any point and you’ll need to navigate to a specific part of the menu to make a purchase.

The area of the menu you’re looking for is pictured below and highlighted in red.

valorant points

Once you’ve opened that menu you’ll see a bunch of different Valorant Point packages to purchase, ranging from $5 – $100.

To give you a flavor of how much things cost in the game, the Prime Skins that were released with Update 1.0 cost around 1700 or $17 each. You can read our full guide on the cost of each Prime Skin here.

In addition to Valoran’ts Prime Skins, there are a number of other cosmetic packs you can purchase with your currency, too. These rotate every few days, so you’ll need to get in quickly if you see something you like.

Meanwhile, Valorant’s Premium Battle Pass is 1000 Valorant Points or around $10. You can read our guide on how to get the Premium Battle Pass here.

That should be everything you need to know about how to get Valorant Points. For more useful information on the game, keep it locked to Twinfinite. You can use the search function from the site’s home page to lookup keywords.

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