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Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor Release Time


Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor Release Time

The highly anticipated first expansion for the mega-popular Pokemon Sword & Shield is almost upon us, and you won’t have to wait much longer to explore the Isle of Armor for yourself and discover what new Pokemon call it home.

If you are wondering just exactly what time Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor releases, so you can be ready the moment the update goes live, then look no further.

What Time Does Isle of Armor Release For Pokemon Sword & Shield?

The good news is that, if you have purchased the Pokemon Sword & Shield Season Pass, you can start preloading the Isle of Armor Expansion right now. That way you can be ready to dive right in the second the update goes live.

When exactly is that? Worldwide digital releases can be a little hard to nail down, but the Isle of Armor update is supposed to unlock at 9 am Pacific Time, June 17th.

According to Nintendo’s customer support page, “Digital-only software will usually be available at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time on the day of release”. It also goes on to say that the precise timing of the release is at the discretion of the publisher, and exact times can vary from title to title.

Taking place on the titular Isle of Armor, players of the expansion will explore the new area introduced, which is functionally similar to the Wild Zone of the base game. There will be loads of Pokemon to catch and the area itself can be accessed fairly early on, so both returning veterans and newcomers alike can experience what the Isle has to offer.

That’s it, everything you need to about the Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor Release Time. Be sure to check out our already massive guide wiki for more helpful guides, with more to when the expansion goes live

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