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Persona 4 Golden: How to Max Knowledge

how to max knowledge persona 4

Persona 4 Golden: How to Max Knowledge

Persona 4 Golden, like other modern games in the series, features a social quality and stat system where the main character can level up aspects of their personality to access new perks. If only people could do that in real life too… Anyway, in this guide we’re going to focus on the Knowledge social quality, break down the various ways you can max out your Knowledge stat in Persona 4 Golden, and go over the various perks it provides.

How to Max Knowledge in Persona 4 Golden

Knowledge is arguably the most important social quality stat in Persona 4 Golden. A ton of important bonuses and perks are tied to the Knowledge stat, so if you ignore it, you’re going to miss out on quite a few important things.

Fortunately for you, there are a lot of ways to level up and max your knowledge in Persona 4 Golden. Let’s break them down.

Increasing Knowledge

Below you can check out all the ways you can increase your knowledge stat in Persona 4 Golden, but here’s a few important things you should know.

Studying and reading while raining has a chance to give you double stat increases. If you really want to min/max your time, you can save at the start of a rainy day and keep reloading until you get the bonus.

The Pub Dishwasher job gives you a chance to increase a stat of your choosing and one of those stats may be Knowledge. On rainy days at the Pub, you have more options, and should be able to choose a Knowledge increase if you want it.

The most consistent way by far though is to just study when you have nothing better to do, especially on rainy days, and make sure you get all the answers right on the quizzes and exams. We have all the answers right here in case you want to cheat.

  • Getting classroom questions correct
  • Reading the following books: Fun With Numbers, The O-Cha Way, The Gentle Way, The Divine Way, Who Am I?, The Punk’s Way, Guide to Pests, The Noodle Way
  • Studying at the library after school
  • Studying at your desk at night
  • Eating at Aiya on rainy days
  • Working the Tutor part-time job (variable)
  • Working the Pub Dishwasher part-time job (variable)

What You Need Knowledge For in Persona 4 Golden

As we mentioned above, Knowledge is one of the most important stats in the game. For starters, you need some progress in knowledge to unlock two social links: Margaret and another that we won’t reveal for spoiler reasons, but it is the last party member that joins the investigation team.

In the case of that party member, Knowledge needs to be maxed before you can even start their link. So if you want all your party members operating at max power, you’ll definitely want to focus on maxing Knowledge in Persona 4 Golden ASAP.

Also, the Knowledge social quality effects how you do on tests. The last day of an exam is always determined by how high your Knowledge is. If you ace your test, you’ll get a social link increase for all your fellow students, and Dojima will give you a cash present.

That’s all you need to know for how to max Knowledge in Persona 4 Golden. For tips on their other stats, check out these links: Diligence, Courage, Expression, Understanding.

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