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Persona 4 Golden: All Funky Student Riddle Answers

persona 4 golden, funky student riddle answers

Persona 4 Golden: All Funky Student Riddle Answers

Persona 4 Golden was officially unveiled for PC over the weekend, and it’s now available on Steam. The game has a huge focus on dungeon-crawling, but there are plenty of side activities to get into as well. For instance, there’s an NPC hanging around Yasogami High who occasionally gives you riddle questions to answer, and if you answer correctly you’ll get prizes. Here are all the Funky Student riddle answers in Persona 4 Golden.

All Funky Student Riddle Answers in Persona 4 Golden

The Funky Student NPC can be found on three different days on the third floor of Yasogami High. He’ll be available on April 18, Sept. 2, and Nov. 12. Do note that you need to answer the prior questions before the next one becomes available. Here are the answers for all the questions on each date.

  • April 18: Group A, They’re top 6 flag colors.
  • Sept. 2: Group A, Human motion, Group B, They’re indefinite articles.
  • Nov. 12: Group B, The way they’re drawn, Promethium, Need.

It’s important that you get all the right answers in one go, as getting wrong answers will end the quiz session and you’ll need to come back another day to answer the questions again. You’ll also get rewards for each quiz session, as listed below:

  • Chest Keys x3
  • Snuff Soul
  • Chewing Soul

The quiz sessions don’t take up any time in a day either, so it’s definitely worth grabbing these when you can. The Chest Keys, in particular, are important early on in the game as they’ll allow you to gain access to valuable equipment and weapons that’ll make the early dungeons much easier to get through. Later on, the Snuff Soul and Chewing Soul can also come in handy for SP management.

That’s all you need to know about all Funky Student riddle answers in Persona 4 Golden. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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