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Last of Us 2: How to Swing on Ropes & Get Down Drops


Last of Us 2: How to Swing on Ropes & Get Down Drops

The world of The Last of Us 2 is one that’s being slowly reclaimed by nature. While flora and fauna creep back into built-up areas of civilization, buildings and infrastructure have began to crumble. This makes a number of drops and gaps that Ellie simply cannot jump across or jump down from unharmed. At these moments, you’ll want to look around for a conveniently-placed rope nearby. If you find one, then here’s how to swing on ropes and get down drops in The Last of Us 2.

Using Ropes in The Last of Us 2

There are two ways you can interact with ropes in The Last of Us 2. The first is to simply swing on it and then jump off it. This can be useful for when you need to get to the other side of a gap that Ellie cannot jump.

To swing on ropes, you’ll need to first jump onto the rope. Once Ellie has grabbed tight, begin moving the left analog stick forward and back. Hold it in each place for a couple of seconds to begin with to help Ellie’s rocking motion to build momentum.

Once the momentum is built and Ellie can make the jump, press X at the right to time to land safely on the other side of the drop. If you’re looking to get down to a lower level, however, you’ll need to slide up and down the rope.

To do this, jump onto the rope once again and then press L1 and use up on the left analog stick to move up the rope, and down on the analog stick to make your way down. Press X to jump off it or let go of the rope.

That’s everything you need to know about using ropes in The Last of Us 2. Be sure to make your way over to our Last of Us 2 wiki for more guides, or check out more of our coverage below.

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