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Last of Us 2: Survivor Difficulty Tips & Tricks


Last of Us 2: Survivor Difficulty Tips & Tricks

Even on its default difficulty setting, The Last of Us 2 isn’t exactly an easy game to play. You’re constantly forced to scavenge for resources and ammo, and more often than not, getting into an all-out gunfight with enemies will result in you getting killed. All of that intensity is cranked up even further with Survivor difficulty, which is currently the highest difficulty setting in the game.

Here are some tips to help you survive Survivor difficulty in The Last of Us 2.

Consider Survivor + Instead

Both Survivor and Survivor + difficulties will give you a tough challenge, but with one crucial difference: + lets you carry over all your weapon and character upgrades once you reach Seattle with Ellie. If you’re worried that this might make things too easy, you’ll be glad to know that Survivor + is harder than regular Survivor to make up for the carried over items.

This difficulty allows enemies to deal double damage to you, and they’ll also spot you much quicker and easier than on the lower settings.

We recommend going with the + difficulty setting as you won’t have to worry about collecting the training manuals as well as the scavenged parts and supplementary pills as much. You’ll still have a challenge on your hands even with max upgrades, so there’s no harm in going with the Last of Us 2’s Survivor + setting right from the beginning.

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