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Last of Us 2 Story Summary & Ending (Spoilers)

last of us 2 story summary

Last of Us 2 Story Summary & Ending (Spoilers)

The Last of Us 2 is finally out in the wild and it’s a direct continuation of Joel and Ellie’s story from the first game. We’ll be spoiling the entire story in this article, including the ending, so look away if you want to go in completely fresh.


Last of Us 2 Story Summary and Ending

The story opens with Joel and Tommy out on patrol near Jackson, and he reveals to Tommy exactly what happened at St. Mary’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. After explaining that he had killed all of the Fireflies to rescue Ellie, both Joel and Tommy ride back to Jackson.

Back in town, Tommy tells Joel that he probably would’ve done the same thing in his position, and that he’ll take this secret to the grave if he has to. Later on, Joel visits Ellie in her room and plays Future Days by Pearl Jam for Ellie on a guitar he found. He hands the guitar over and they agree to have their first guitar lessons the following night.

After that, we fast forward to four years later when Ellie wakes up in the morning to go on patrol. We meet Jesse, and the two talk about the night Ellie had previously. We learn that she had kissed Dina during the dance at the diner, and Seth called them both a derogatory term, which caused Joel to step in and for Ellie to get mad at him for interfering.

Later on, Dina and Ellie get paired up for patrol, and we also learn that Tommy and Joel had already been patrolling since the early morning and Jesse was set to relieve them.

While patrolling, Dina and Ellie run into a snowstorm and they take refuge in a nearby bookstore. The bookstore was a hideout for one of their friends who died, and the pair discover a weed den in the basement.

The two decide to light up, and since the snowstorm wasn’t letting up anytime soon, they flirt and end up sleeping together.

Meanwhile, we also meet Abby, who’s set up camp at a mansion near Jackson with a few of her friends. She and another man, Owen, head outside of the mansion and Owen shows her that he’s found the city where Tommy and Joel are.

Abby is determined to go ahead with her mission, but Owen tells her that even though their group wants what she wants, they don’t want it at any cost. Abby decides to go on the mission herself, and sets off in the direction of the nearest lookout.

While on patrol, Tommy and Joel run into a horde of infected and eventually they cross paths with Abby as well. After fighting them off, Abby tells them that her friends are holed up in the nearby mansion, and they decide to ride there to hide from the infected.

Once back at the mansion, Tommy and Joel introduce themselves and the entire group visibly reacts when they hear Joel’s name. Abby shoots out Joel’s knee with a shotgun while the rest of the group knocks out Tommy, and she begins beating Joel with a golf club.

Back at the bookstore, the snowstorm has subsided and Jesse shows up to look for Ellie and Dina. He tells Ellie that Joel and Tommy never showed up at the checkpoint, and they decide to look for him. Ellie eventually makes it to the mansion where she sees Abby and her group torturing him. The group quickly apprehends Ellie and Joel gets beaten to death.

The rest of the group considers killing Ellie and Tommy, but both Abby and Owen decide against it and leave them alive.

Back in Jackson, Tommy tells Ellie that Maria doesn’t want them going after the people who killed Joel, now revealed to be part of a group called the Washington Liberation Front. Ellie is insistent on going, and Tommy asks her to give him just one more day to talk to Maria.

The next day, Ellie and Dina decide to sneak out of Jackson to head to Seattle anyway, as Tommy has taken a horse and set off by himself. They stop by Joel’s house to pick up his revolver and run into Maria, who agrees to let them take a horse to Seattle and bring Tommy back.

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