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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road: How to Turn on Auto Battle

dark road auto battle

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road: How to Turn on Auto Battle

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is all about grinding for BP so you can level up Xehanort. Turning on tap controls can help you deal damage more swiftly. But if you learn how to turn on auto battles in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, then you’ll be ready to start grinding.

How to Turn on Auto Battle in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Auto battling is going to be the easiest way to roll through the game assuming that you’re adequately leveled. If you keep getting KO’d while playing the game manually, then you’re not likely to do much better with auto battling turned on.

Not only does auto battling pick cards more slowly, but it’ll also often skip over using healing cards when you may sorely need some more HP. The only way to tell if you’re ready to just let the game sit on auto battle mode is by testing it out.

If you’re in any kind of fight against an enemy, you can turn on auto battle mode. When you’re playing your cards manually, you’ll see a button to the left of your hand of cards. Tap this small blue and rectangular button that says auto at the bottom to turn on auto battle.

The three lines on this button will turn into three upward pointing arrows. That’s the indicator that will let you see that auto battle is enabled. Just be careful when you activate this because your damage per second will likely decrease and you won’t be able to tap to reload your deck more quickly.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to turn on auto battle in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road:

  1. Enter any battle

    This can be a Quest, Mission, Event, World Battle, or any other type of battle.

  2. Tap the Auto button

    This blue rectangular button is located to the left of your hand of cards.

  3. Sit back

    The three lines on the Auto button should change to three upward pointing arrows and Xehanort should start battling with no input from you.

That’s all there is to know about how to turn on auto battle in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. If you have any questions about the contents of this guide, then just drop them in the comments down below and we’ll be happy to clarify what’s not clear.

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