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Destiny 2: How to Fix Means to an End Bug

means to an end bug destiny 2

Destiny 2: How to Fix Means to an End Bug

Destiny 2: Season of the Arrivals’ main quest line will eventually lead you to a quest known as Means to an End. This appears to be part of a weekly rotating or repeating challenge that will be featured in Season of the Arrivals and are prerequisites to repeatable quests such as Interference. It’s a little murky without another week of progress to see for sure, but what we know for sure is now is that some players are having trouble progressing. Here’s what we can suggest about how to fix the Means to an End Bug in Destiny 2.

How to Fix Means to an End Bug in Destiny 2

What the Means to an End Bug is doing is preventing people from actually completing it, at least on Destiny 2’s end. It doesn’t appear to register that it’s complete even though it is and people can’t move onto to running Interference on Io.

As of this posting, Bungie has yet to officially acknowledge the bug, which is not too uncommon for larger problems that may take a couple of days to fix. They seem to prefer figuring out exactly how long it’s gonna take or getting the full scope of the problem rather than acknowledging it right away.

What can you do to fix the Means to an End bug in Destiny 2? Right now it doesn’t seem like you can do a whole lot. You can try logging in and logging out but it’s more likely than not that it won’t do any good for you.

Reddit users are keeping tabs but it doesn’t appear that Bungie has officially responded yet so right now just hang tight, grind something else like the new Trinity Ghoul or Witherhoard Catalysts.

We’ll update this page if we here anything official and the best place to check for an official response is Bungie Help Twitter.

That’s all you need to know about the Means to an End bug in Destiny 2. Sorry it’s not working out right now but hopefully it’s fixed soon.

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