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CoD Warzone: How to Complete Fractured Intel Missions

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CoD Warzone: How to Complete Fractured Intel Missions

Intel Missions have arrived in Warzone, giving players something new to do in Season 4. They expand the Modern Warfare story and offer players a chance to earn huge amounts of XP. So that you can get the rewards for the first set, here’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Fractured Intel Missions in Warzone.

Since this is the first week’s challenges, it’s worth knowing how they work first. They are broken down into seven challenges, with you needing to head to six locations to find intel items. Before we get to where you need to go, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

You need to complete the challenges in order, from one to seven, and you can only get one per match, needing to redeem the XP from the lobby before going after the next. Also, while other players have said that they can complete them in Plunder, the Intel items were only available in standard battle royale modes for me.

How to Complete Fractured Intel Missions in Warzone

Below, we’ve listed each of the challenges as they’re described in game, before we break down exactly where you need to go.

  • Find the location in the message Ghost sent you… – 2500 XP
  • Evacuations were underway…. – 5000 XP
  • Communications went down before the attack. Follow the trail… – 5000 XP
  • Verdansk ATC reported a transponder went offline… – 5000 XP
  • A downed airliner tried to contact Arklov Air Force base… – 5000 XP
  • Signals Intelligence decrypted a message after the attack – 5000 XP
  • Collect all six intel items – 10000 XP

Now we’ll run through the locations of each item for the Fractured Intel Missions. Most of them are pretty easy to find and you just need to press square if you’re on PS4 to pick them up (X on Xbox One, click on PC).

Intel No. 1 – The first is in TV Station, on a desk at the southern end of the main news room. It’s on the ground floor and you’re looking for a file on a large curved desk.

Fractured Intel No. 2 – Head to the broken plane outside the Airport, go through the blown out side wall of the terminal and go up the stairs on the right. Now, follow round to where it goes left and head into the first small room on the right where the intel is an item on the desk looking out into the shops.

No. 3 – Not far away from 2, head to the air traffic control tower on the opposite side of the runway to where the terminal is. Take the elevator zip wire to the top, go up the stairs and it’s on first control panel on the right.

Intel No. 4 – Head to the crashed plane wreckage south east of Military Base. In eastern part, which is lower down on the land than the others, the intel is by a seat on the floor.

Fractured Intel No. 5 – In Military Base, you’re looking for a hut that’s two buildings in going south west from the main hanger. It’s the area of Military Base with all the small buildings. You’re looking for a laptop on a table inside.

No. 6 – Also in Military Base and not far away, further towards the snowy ridge south of number five, you’ll find intel number six. It’s on the table inside the light brown hut, by the dual monitor computer.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Fractured Intel Missions in Warzone. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide or search for Twinfinite.

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