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Valorant June Release Date Revealed

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Valorant June Release Date Revealed

Following a prolonged closed beta period, Riot Games has announced that Valorant will launch on June 2, 2020.

The multiplayer shooter, which drew huge numbers on streaming sites like Twitch last month as players clamoured for beta codes, is one of the most hotly anticipated games of the year and it’s coming out sooner than expected.

In a video revealing the news, which you can check out below, Executive Producer Anna Donlon and Game Director Joe Ziegler mentioned that they originally planned to release the full game in Summer 2020, but added that the aim was an aspirational one.

However, that was just a round about way of them saying that “they aren’t releasing the game in a few months” because they’re “actually releasing it in a few weeks.”

The ‘important news’ video ends with a short montage of the game’s cinematics, but there’s a lot of footage out there if you’re looking to know more about Valorant.

If you’ve not been able to get into the beta or simply aren’t aware of the game, the Riot’s website reads:

“Imagine this: tactical shooter meets hypernatural powers. Everyone’s got guns and a unique set of abilities, so how do you beat someone with the speed of wind? Use your own moves to outplay them and beat them to the shot. VALORANT is a game for bold strategists who dare to make the unexpected play, because if it wins, it works.”

In our own preview of the game, we said that we were “excited to see how Riot Games supports and expands on the universe they’ve created,” and we shouldn’t have too much longer to wait.

Valorant will release on PC on June 2.

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