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Trials of Mana: Best Weapons Guide

Trials of Mana, Best Weapons Guide

Trials of Mana: Best Weapons Guide

There are a plethora of weapons to find, buy or gain through RNG in Trials of Mana, and if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by just how many there are, you’re not alone. That’s why we’re here to help with a guide covering what the best weapons you can get in Trials of Mana are.

Trials of Mana Best Weapons Guide

While there are a slew of weapons with definitively good stats in Trials of Mana, the best weapons for you will largely depend on how much time you’re willing to put into tracking them down.

If you’d prefer to spend as little time as possible on hunting down weapons so you can focus on the game’s story and quests, then the best weapons for you are the Dragon-based weapons for sale in Pedda. Though not the strongest weapons out there, these weapons don’t require grinding multiple different items or relying on RNG, and remain useful even in the post-game.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to equip them to your characters regardless of what class track you’ve upgraded them along.

Their only real drawback is their price to obtain. If you don’t quite have enough Lucre to afford each of your party members’ respective weapons, then you can refer to our guide on how to get Lucre fast to rack up some funds quickly.

How to Get Item Seed Weapons

If you don’t mind a bit of grinding and RNG shenanigans though, Trials of Mana does have several weapons stronger than the Dragon-based weapons in terms of stats.

Obtained by planting Gold Item Seeds and Rainbow Item Seeds in the planter boxes found in inns throughout the game, these weapons serve as secret armaments that can drastically improve each of your characters’ damage output in battle.

However, they come with a few catches. Each one is tied to a specific class line – in other words, the Light or Dark class line for each character – and can only be equipped to said character if they’re on that class line.

For example, if you obtain the secret Dark weapon for Duran but have him changed to classes along the Light path, then you won’t be able to equip this secret weapon.

And that’s only if you manage to obtain them. As mentioned above, each one is only available from planting specific Seeds for items. There’s no guarantee they’ll drop, and even if you max out the planter box’s level, the chances of them appearing is fairly slim.

Fortunately, we’ve done the leg work and found as many as we can. Each weapon’s info is listed in the table down below, and we’ll be updating it as we find more so you can decide whether or not obtaining them yourself is worth the hassle.

WeaponWho Can EquipStatsClass Path Needed to Equip
Triumph BladeDuran143 Attack, 92 Magic AttackLight
HruntingDuran160 Attack, 97 Magic AttackDark
Queen ScepterAngela88 Attack, 168 Magic AttackLight
Chaos ChaserAngela92 Attack, 168 Magic AttackDark
SpharaiKevin155 Attack, 97 Magic AttackLight
LindormKevin172 Attack, 101 Magic AttackDark
SacrendCharlotte88 Attack, 126 Magic AttackLight
HelheimCharlotte126 Attack, 126 Magic AttackDark
FraenirHawkeye129 Attack, 114 Magic AttackLight
AgniHawkeye133 Attack, 126 Magic AttackDark
BrunedgeRiesz118 Attack, 105 Magic AttackLight
VedfolnirRiesz147 Attack, 118 Magic AttackDark

Hopefully, this helped you figure out what the best weapons are in Trials of Mana. For more on the game, check out our guides on how to use magic and how to respec characters.

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