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Ninjala’s Second Beta Announced; New Dev Diary Dives Into Microtransactions

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Ninjala’s Second Beta Announced; New Dev Diary Dives Into Microtransactions

GungHo Online Entertainment has announced that its upcoming free-to-play arena brawler action game, Ninjala, will be getting a second open beta at the end of the month.

On May 31, intrigued fans can download the beta from the Switch eShop and try out the eight-player arena battle mode and a training mode with four out of the 12 weapons that’ll be available at launch, which includes: the Ippon Katana, Drill Beat, SK8 Hammer, and Trick Ball.

Here are the new open beta play times for Ninjala:

  • Japan
    • May 30, 12:00-13:59 JST
    • May 31, 12:00-21:59 JST
  • North and Central America
    • May 31, 12:00-21:59 PDT
  • Europe
    • May 31, 11:00-20:59 BST
    • May 31, 12:00-21:59 CEST
  • Asia and Oceania
    • May 31, 14:00-23:59 AEST
    • May 31, 12:00-21:59 HKT

The development team for Ninjala also released the fourth developer diary for Ninjala that goes over the in-game purchases that players can make. The team stresses the notion that Ninjala is not a “pay to win game,” and ultimately, doing well in Ninjala all comes down to your skill.

There will be costumes, stickers, emotes, ninja medals, and more items for you to unlock and it seems that none of them will affect the actual gameplay.

You can watch the video down below for a deeper dive into the game’s ecosystem:

Ninjala was originally planned to launch on the Switch eShop on May 28 but after a short delay due to COVID-19, the game will instead launch on June 24.

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