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Minecraft Dungeons: Can You Fast Travel? Answered

minecraft dungeons fast travel

Minecraft Dungeons: Can You Fast Travel? Answered

Minecraft Dungeons takes the blocky world of the creative sandbox game and mixes it with dungeon crawling gameplay. You’ll need to work your way through levels filled with mobs of skeletons, zombies and creepers just to name a few. Each level is a procedurally-generated sprawling labyrinth of paths and secrets to find, and with your character’s default movement speed being pretty slow, some players may be wondering if you can fast travel in Minecraft Dungeons.

Can You Fast Travel in Minecraft Dungeons?

Cutting right to the chase, the bad news is that you cannot fast travel in Minecraft Dungeons. While you’ll use the map in your Camp to choose the level you want to begin, after that point there’s no means of getting around the level any quicker than simply moving your character around.

Other dungeon crawling games, such as the king of the genre, Diablo, utilize a fast travel system in its large levels. Players can use stone markers to quickly retread their steps to have a look around for secrets or to help grind out better gear.

How to Move Faster

For those who are sick and tired of moving around at the walking speed of your character, there are a few ways to move faster. The first is to use your Roll ability performed by pressing RB on your Xbox One controller, R1 on PS4, or Space on PC.

You can also equip the Boots of Swiftness Artifact. When activated, your character will move considerably faster for a short amount of time. Keep in mind the artifact will then have a cooldown you’ll have to wait to finish before you can use it again.

That’s everything you need to know on whether or not you can fast travel in Minecraft Dungeons. Check out more of our Minecraft Dungeons coverage below, or search for Twinfinite.

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