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Kind Words (Lo-Fi Chill Beats to Write To) Gets a New Update

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Kind Words (Lo-Fi Chill Beats to Write To) Gets a New Update

Announced in a Wholesome Direct centered around cute and cozy indie games, Kind Words (lo-fi chill beats to write to) has received a brand-new update on Steam that adds additional stickers, a new room, new letters, and a couple of more neat additions.

Developer Popcannibal’s chill indie title has a very simple premise but is very thought-provoking and eye-opening.

In Kind Words, you can write anonymous letters and then send them to other players around the world. If you obtain a letter from someone, you can answer back with a letter of your own and attach stickers to them for added cuteness.

People ask for advice on relationships, they’ll ask you for your favorite music artists, or you might get a letter that simply tells you to have a nice day –it’s a charming little game and it’s on Steam now for only $5.

As part of the new update, the developer has added 10 new stickers, each with a new decoration, and a new room to decorate. There’s also a new inbox, a bunch of new options for graphics and display, and performance improvements.

As of right now, Kind Words is only available for PC and Mac via Steam. For more wholesome games, make sure to check out the Wholesome Direct presentation.

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