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4 Tips for Beginners in Heroes of the Storm


4 Tips for Beginners in Heroes of the Storm

If you’ve had a chance to play Blizzard’s entry into the now densely populated MOBA genre, Heroes of the Storm, you’ve probably found yourself hitting that wall that everyone hits when they start out in a MOBA: What the hell am I even supposed to do? Well, the good news is we have some Heroes of the Storm tips designed for you, the beginner.

Heroes of the Storm Tips for Beginners

Kill the Little Knight First

Heroes of the Storm tips

The mercenary camps in Heroes of the Storm are essential to in-game success because of their lane-pushing power and siege potential. In particular, the knight/Hard camp is the stronger of the two smaller mercenary camps and can be difficult to take alone early in the game. When fighting the knight camp, it’s important to target the smaller caster-knight in the back of the group because he acts as the healer. Similarly, when an enemy knight camp is pushing against you, killing the caster-knight first makes it easier to kill the group as a whole.

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