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Trials of Mana: Which Characters Should You Choose? Answered

Trials of Mana, Which Characters Should You Choose? Answered

Trials of Mana: Which Characters Should You Choose? Answered

Trials of Mana works differently to many other JRPGs in that you can’t play as all of its main characters in a single playthrough, and as a result, you’re probably wondering which ones you should choose for the best playthrough possible. Fortunately, we’ve done the leg work and can help you decide which characters you should choose in Trials of Mana.

The Characters You Should Choose in Trials of Mana

To cut right to the chase, you should choose your party of characters based on how much of the story – and which parts of the story – you want to see in the same playthrough.

Trials of Mana has six main characters you can choose from to play as at the start of the game. While each offers different classes to play as and abilities to learn, the true difference between them comes from the fact that each has their own playable backstory tied to one of three different sub-villains.

Duran the warrior and Angela the magician are out to stop the Crimson Wizard from dragging their countries into needless war.

Kevin the Beastman and Charlotte the cleric want to track down Goremond, an evil jester who hurt or kidnapped their loved ones, while Hawkeye the thief and Riesz the Amazon need to end the sorceress Belladonna’s reign of terror over their respective countries.

Though you’ll encounter each of these villains throughout the main story regardless of who you choose, having the characters tied to them in your party will offer different dialogue with them and paint a clearer picture of how they’re damaging the wider world, their true motivations and so on.

Do Characters With the Same Villain Interact With each Other?

Certain interactions between characters in Trials of Mana who share the same enemy are also only available if they’re in your party.

For example, if you choose to have Duran and Angela in your party, you’ll see exchanges between them regarding the Crimson Wizard and the conflict between their countries that wouldn’t be available if either one wasn’t an active party member.

As such, you’ll want to select a party that’ll reveal the part of the story you enjoy the most. If you want all of a given sub-plot revealed in one go, make sure you have two characters who share the same villain in your party. On the other hand, if you want to get a general idea of every plot, select one character tied to each of the three different villains respectively.

Hopefully this cleared up which characters you should choose in Trials of Mana. For more on the game, check out one of its trailers detailing what each characters’ advanced classes offer.

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