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Trials of Mana: How to Lock On

Trials of Mana, How to Lock On

Trials of Mana: How to Lock On

Trials of Mana isn’t the best about telling you how to use all of its mechanics, and as a result, you can end up not knowing if a mechanic even exists or how to use it until you’re well into the game. Fortunately, we’re here to help, and that’s why we’re here with a guide on how to lock on in Trials of Mana.

How to Lock On in Trials of Mana

To lock on to enemies in Trials of Mana, all you need to do is press R3 while in battle.

Doing so will target the enemy nearest to your active character, and will continue to do so until you press R3 again. This can be helpful in situations where you’re being mobbed by enemies that dart toward and away from you quickly, or if you’re trying to keep track of a boss enemy that has limited windows of vulnerability.

This isn’t the only bonus locking on to an enemy grants you though. While locked on to any enemy in the game, you’ll also be privy to any buffs or debuffs they currently have active, which will be visible above their health bar. Blue symbols represent active buffs, while red symbols represent active debuffs.

This can be useful for strategizing when to attack a given enemy, and whether or not you may need to debuff an enemy further to make them easier to take down.

And that’s all there is to it really. With this mechanics in your arsenal, battles should be at least a bit easier to get through, especially if you’re able to use it in tandem with what the game does tell you how to do.

Hopefully, this cleared up how to lock on in Trials of Mana. For more on the game, check out some of its past trailers covering the origin stories of its main characters and what each characters’ advanced classes offer.

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