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4 Things You Should Know Before Playing Gears Tactics


4 Things You Should Know Before Playing Gears Tactics

Tactics Feels Like Classic Gears

gears tactics

Gears Tactics may be a part of Microsoft’s long-standing Gears of War series, but it differs majorly when it comes to gameplay. Rather than guiding a hulking COG soldier narrow hallways and waves of Locusts, this time you’re taking a step back.

As the commander, you’ll be guiding a team of four units across a battlefield to complete objectives. Sometimes you’ve got to hold down control points to gather supplies, other times you’re destroying a Locust Imulsion supply.

Despite taking that step back, Gears Tactics still does the series proud; when the action dials up, the intensity feels like classic Gears.

If you were wondering whether the game would pack the same sort of violence as the mainline series, you’ll be pleased to know Tactics manages to get as much blood, guts and gore as possible. Want to chainsaw through a Locust? Go for it. How about gruesome executions? They’re here. Oh, and you can literally blow Locust into tiny little pieces with the right weapon.

So for those worried Gears Tactics wouldn’t feel like it belonged as part of the series, guess again. It’s not just all the blood and guts that does it either…

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