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5 Things to Do After Beating Final Fantasy VII Remake (Post Game/End Game)

final fantasy vii remake

5 Things to Do After Beating Final Fantasy VII Remake (Post Game/End Game)

Square Enix’s brand new Final Fantasy VII Remake may only cover the Midgar story arc, but you can rest assured that there’s still plenty of stuff to do even after the credits have rolled. If you enjoy being a completionist, collecting every single thing in the game, and leveling up to the level cap, there’s a lot to get into. Here are some things you can do after beating Final Fantasy VII Remake and getting into the post game and end game sections.

Play on Hard Mode

things to do after beating final fantasy 7 remake

Immediately after beating Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’ll unlock a brand new difficulty setting: Hard Mode. While playing on Hard Mode, you won’t be able to use items in combat, and you can only restore your HP and MP while resting at benches.

This makes combat much more challenging, as enemies will also be tougher on this difficulty setting. The up side is that you also receive double exp and AP after beating the game, which makes leveling up much easier, and you should be decently equipped to deal with the challenges here.

That said, levels aren’t the main thing that will affect your proficiency in combat; you still need to pay attention to weapon upgrades and the types of Materia you have in your possession.

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