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Resident Evil 3: Vaccine Puzzle Solution

resident evil 3, vaccine puzzle

Resident Evil 3: Vaccine Puzzle Solution

Once again, the final hours of a Resident Evil game have taken you underground and into Umbrella’s network of nefarious subterranean facilities. It’s here that Jill is on the hunt for a t-virus vaccine sample she can preserve and, hopefully, use to fight back against the spread of infection. To make the sample, however, she’ll need to overcome a quick puzzle. Here’s the vaccine puzzle solution in Resident Evil 3.

What the Vaccine Puzzle Solution Is in Resident Evil 3

Once you have both the antigen and adjuvant samples required to make the vaccine, combine the two to make the Vaccine base. Now return to the 2F level of Nest 2 and approach the Vaccine Equipment machine. To achieve a synthesis, you essentially need to create a balance between the two by punching in the correct combination.

This puzzle is rather reminiscent of the one in Resident Evil 2 Remake’s Greenhouse, which again required you to balance three different levels correctly.

Here, there are three columns, each showing three different levels. To balance them, make the left side “Mid,” the central column “High,” and the right column “Low.”

As you see above, that completes the synthesis and the vaccine is ready for use. Now it’s time to grab the vaccine and get the hell out of Raccoon City for good!

That is everything there is to know about what the vaccine puzzle solution is in Resident Evil 3. For more useful tips and guides, Twinfinite’s extensive guide wiki has you covered.

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