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Resident Evil 3: All Hip Pouch Locations to Increase Inventory Size

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Resident Evil 3: All Hip Pouch Locations to Increase Inventory Size

Capcom has gotten rid of several outdated mechanics in its Resident Evil remakes, but inventory management is still a core part of the survival horror experience. As you progress through RE3, you’ll find hip pouches that expand your inventory by two slots. Some of these, however, are missable, making the game much harder. Here we’re going to show you all hip pouch locations to increase inventory size in Resident Evil 3.

All Hip Pouch Locations to Increase Inventory Size

There are six hip pouches in Resident Evil 3, though not all of them are for Jill. Carlos will also have an opportunity to expand his inventory size by four slots during his time in the police station and hospital as well. Here we’ll run through each location in order.

Subway Power Substation Control Room

You’ll find this one as you enter the control room for the power substation. It’s sitting in the area beside the typewriter and item box. It’s hard to miss.

Monument (Blue Jewel)

The second one is much easier to miss as it requires you to complete the blue jewel section of the Monument puzzle, which is entirely optional. Read our detailed guide on how to get the blue jewel.


Here’s another that you should find as a matter of course, just so long as you’re keeping your eye out. After you have the battery pack you’ll be able to open a safe room that has a hip pouch inside.

Police Station 1F Safe

Here’s Carlos’s first opportunity to expand his inventory. This is easily missable as it requires the safe code. We’ve written a guide on that, but here’s the code for convenience: 9 Left, 15 Right, 7 Left.

Defending Jill

Defending Jill is one of the more chaotic parts of Resident Evil 3, which is why you’re likely to miss this one. After you’ve killed the hunter, enter the room it came from (which you need to do anyway to flip to circuit breaker). There’s a hip pouch in that room.

Pro tip: You can leave this pouch for Jill to collect later on, and it’s much better to do so.

Underground Storage Safe Room

This is the final hip pouch for Jill and you should spot it pretty easily in the Underground Storage safe room.

That is every hip pouch location to increase your inventory size in Resident Evil 3. For more help tips and guides, Twinfinite’s guide wiki has you covered. You’ll find useful related content below.

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