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Resident Evil 3 Hardcore Tips


Resident Evil 3 Hardcore Tips

Resident Evil 3 can be a decently challenging game on its Standard difficulty, but once you’ve conquered that, you might want to consider moving up to its Hardcore difficulty next. Here are some Resident Evil 3 Hardcore tips to help you get started.

Learn How to Deal With Zombies

The zombies are by far the most dangerous aspect of your Hardcore run in Resident Evil 3. There are so many of them, and they can grab you easily. Because just one zombie bite can put you into Danger status, getting surrounded with no way of dealing with them will prove fatal.

To that end, you need to learn how to manage them effectively. The first tool at your disposal is the quickstep. Jill can completely avoid getting grabbed if you quickstep away from a zombie at the right moment, saving you precious ammo. It’s worth noting that this is a pretty risky maneuver, though, so only use it if you’re confident. Picking up Chris’ field manual from the in-game shop can help.

On the other hand, the handgun still proves to be one of the most useful weapons in the game. It can be used to dismember zombies, making them significantly less dangerous when you’re backtracking through areas. You can also use the handgun to shoot zombies until they flinch and get stunned for a few seconds, allowing you to run past unscathed.

Make sure to grab the dot sight early on to make things easier for yourself. With the dot sight, it’s also easier to snipe enemies from afar.

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