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Resident Evil 3: How to Get the Audiocassette Tape

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Resident Evil 3: How to Get the Audiocassette Tape

Carlos’s quest to find Dr. Bard, as well as his now more pressing quest to find a vaccine, takes him to one of Resident Evil 3’s most spooky locations: the hospital. Typically, exploring the area isn’t made easy by a bunch of locked doors — some of which require special items to enter. That includes Dr. Bard’s office. Here’s how to get the audiocassette tape in Resident Evil 3.

Getting the Audiocassette Tape in Resident Evil 3

After taking control of Carlos in the hospital, one of the first items you’ll find is an audiotape playing device. It’s located almost right out front of Dr. Bard’s office, but as you’ll quickly discover, the tape player itself is only one piece of the puzzle.

To enter Bard’s office, you’ll need to mimic his voice, and that means finding an actual audiocassette tape of him talking.

Finding the tape itself is something you’ll only achieve after having found two other important items: the Staff Room Key and the Hospital ID.

We have detailed guides on the whereabouts of both of those items, which includes helpful screenshots. However, for convenience’s sake, the Staff Room Key is found in the Courtyard area, and the Hospital ID is found in the rear of the Staff Room (after you’ve used that key).

Once you have both of those items, you’ll be able to access the Treatment Room. We won’t spoil what lies in waiting there, but just make sure you have some serious firepower at the ready.

audiocasette tape in Resident Evil 3

The Treatment room, as you’ll discover, is where the tape is located. Once you have it you will need to combine it with the cassette player and head to Bard’s office. Now all that is left to do is open your inventory and “Use” the Tape Player on the lock.

That is everything you need to know about how to get the audiocassette tape in Resident Evil 3. For more useful tips and guides, Twinfinite’s guide wiki has you covered. You’ll find some related content below that may be useful.

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