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PSO2 Races: Which to Pick, Best, & Stat Differences

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PSO2 Races: Which to Pick, Best, & Stat Differences

Phantasy Star Online 2‘s release is finally here, and it is shaping up to be a phantastic game. However, with a myriad of classes/race combinations to choose from, you might want some help deciding the race that’s right for you. This guide will help you pick a race in PSO2.

Which Race Should You Pick in PSO2

Phantasy Star Online 2 started with three races: Humans, the elf-like Newmans, and robotic CASTs. The fourth race, the horned Deumans (initially spelled Dewmans before the official English translation) were later introduced alongside a new class.

While the game has yet to include more races (the playable Beasts from Phantasy Star Universe are nowhere to be seen), it has introduced quite a few new classes. While any race can fill the shoes of any class, some races are better suited for specific classes than others thanks to race-specific stat bonuses.


PSO2 Races

PSO2 races

In most video games, the Human is the jack of all trades race, the species of average stats with no glaring weaknesses. This pattern continues in Phantasy Star Online 2.

Humans have fairly average stats across the board. However, males have slightly more health and melee attack/defense (S-Attack/S-Defense), while women have more dexterity and tech attack/defense (T-Attack/T-Defense).

Also, since Humans are the standard race, they don’t have special cosmetic customization options during character creation.

If you want a race that can function in any capacity but isn’t a min-maxer, Humans are for you.

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