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PSO2: How to Get an Auxiliary

auxiliary pso2

PSO2: How to Get an Auxiliary

The auxiliary in Phantasy Star Online 2 is a neat feature that you can take advantage of in battle, and around your home. It essentially is a little (literally) partner that you can level up and hang out with at home or on the field. Getting it up and running though can be a little confusing. Here’s how to get an auxiliary in PSO2.

Auxiliary in PSO2

Auxiliary support partners become available as a feature in PSO2 at level 20 from, you guessed it, your old pal Cofy who is always loaded with helpful quests that will basically unlock the whole game for you.

When you’ve progressed enough with Afin (you should only need his most basic, starter orders completed), Cofy will have the Auxiliary Course order available once you’re level 20.

Although the word Course implies that you have to do something intense to complete it, you actually don’t. It’s extremely simple and can be taken care of on ARKS you just need to do some running around to fully unlock the auxiliary’s potential.

The first thing you’ll be asked to do is go talk to Astarte, who is on the counter on the other side of the gate entry to your left if you’re facing Cofy.

She will explain auxiliaries to you and then you just need to return to Cofy and you’ll get the console furnishing for your personal quarter and the order is complete. However, you don’t actually have access to your auxiliary really quite yet because they don’t technically exist yet.

Enter your personal quarters and place the console somewhere. You can interact with it but there’s no one to call yet.

Go to the shopping plaza and head up to the pink store on the second floor, aka the Salon. From there, you can go to Manage Auxiliaries and then Create. You’ll now enter a character creation screen where you can customize your own little helper, similar to when you made your own character, including picking a main class.

Return your personal quarters and now via the console, you’ll be able to properly see all the options you have available to you, and meet your auxiliary themselves.

From here you have a few options, you can pick a subclass for them (which you should), equip weapons, and most importantly, send them out on searches.

This will be private mini-orders for them that they can complete to level up and complete client orders for you. They can’t complete any client order for you, but they can complete some, especially ones from Franca, the character in the red chef looking outfit in the shopping plaza.

The higher the level of the auxiliary, the better chance they have of completing the orders successfully, and of course the higher the level of the orders that they can take on which means better rewards for you.

And that’s all you need to know about how to get an auxiliary up and running in PSO2. Hopefully that helped! For more Phantasy Star Online 2 beginner tips such as how to unlock your sub class or appraise items, you can search PSO2 in Twinfinite’s search bar on the top right.

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